Dollhouse Creatures

This site is for my little teddy bear family. I sew them by hand. So each of them is unique. Especially in the winter time or during long travel periods by train I create new family members.

The whole family with a european 1 cent coin - so you can approximate the size of the bears.

This is little Daisy my first family member. Some say it looks like a sheep, some others say it's more a baby bear.

My Fanti. It's my best one I guess. I sewed this Mini on a business trip to Berlin during the endless hours of the train journey. I quess it was around June 2010.

Mr. Green. He is made of cashmere.

I made this bear during x-mas time 2010. Usually I am traveling a lot to my family members and we all sit together an talk. So there is a lot of time to enjoy sewing.

OK - it' not a bear, but a very cute hedgehog. I made it in February 2011 and i sewed it with my left hand! I broke my right wrist on January 6th.


I made a made for my Fanti - the blue elefant. She is called Fantina. I made her in December 2010, but finished her in June 2010. There was only the face and clothes left.

Batty the bat. Born in June 2011.

Wellcome to my creatures! There are not only miniatures. This side is for my other fantasies, wishes and dreams.

I tried myselfe on creating an elf. I am thinking of adding some hair ...
May 201. Now is 2016 and he still as no hair. So I think he's fine with that beacause he never complained about it.

Well, what shall I say. Just look. I had a funny creative day back than.

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