Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2018


Since I've destroyed my first attempt to build a dollhouse - you can see in section "My Old Dollhouse" - I've been crafting but nothing really dollhouse related. Some of these more interesting things I've created you can see on this blog, but a lot was for my home and useful stuff, but usually there is no audience for that. I love the Harry Potter Universe, or now it's called the Wizarding World. 
But one month ago, I wanted to do something related to dollhouses. I didn't know what exactly. So, I searched the internet to make up my mind, to get inspired, to find something new. So, I browsed the sides and found some great dollhouse kits made in USA. So, I finally decided to buy one of them and start building a new house. 

I've brought the kit of the Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse. 

This is the dollhouse displayed on the Greenleaf website and shop.

 Here I start building. It starts with the base where some trim needs to be glued to its bottom side. I added some smaller wooden pieces because the trim contact to the base was too small to be strong enough to stay in place.

 I've assembled the main part without gluing it to check how it works. My cat - almost blind, he is 15 years old - was so curious he was always there helping me.

 Then I started gluing.

 ... sometimes you need to be creative ...
 I followed the instructions, but I still have the windows and doors that I wanted to use for my first attempt of a dollhouse and I still love them. I didn't like the way it looked with the rounded windows. The windows look huge - too big for that house.

 These windows looked much better. The decision was done.

 Since I've seen the pictures of the Beacon Hill online I hated the included stair case. I could not stand the style and the way the wood which it is made off looked. It wasn't detailed enough ... just not my aesthetics. So, I will take the spiral stairs which I wanted to use in my old dollhouse, too.

Here are the bay windows and the mansard roof covered.
 This room is on the second floor on the right side watching from behind.I changed this room. The original room was placed one inch towards the right side - as you can see from the holes in the floor. In the corner next to the window there should have been a closet. I liked the idea of having a build in closet, but I struggled with the details: how to work on it while it was glued in that corner on the far back of the room. It's even hard to take a look inside once it is done. The angles from where you might be able to take a look are not convenient. So I decided to skip that closet and gain more room inside for the interior.
Second floor left side from behind will be the bathroom. Also with leftovers from my first house.

 This window is a new window that I've brought to fit the other old windows. It should replace the balcony door. It will be a balcony door, but I have to change it. I'll show you the process another day because I haven't done it jet.

 Another change that I have done is the actual balcony. Since I want to have a stone house I think a wooden balcony won't fit and the style of the balcony isn't right to turn it into a stone looking one. So, I walked the streets and looked at Victorian time balconies and started to create a balcony out of scrap wood from the dollhouse kit. There's a gap between the window (future door) and the balcony. I want to install some stairs there.

 I've painted the basecoat. The grey color will be seen in the gabs between the stones I want to add and the black of the roof will be just in case you might see a bit through a gap between the shingles. So the bright light wooden color won't show and the black will look like a shadow.

Thank you for being here with me and see you next time soon!


  1. I've ALWAYS loved the Beaconhill dollhouse kit and there are many Creative ways to assemble it and make it Unique just as you are doing! I agree with your decision about using the windows you'd saved from your old dollhouse as well as using the spiral staircase which is also a good way to customize your creation. I shall enjoy following your future progress and further changes with GREAT interest :D


  2. Hi Elizabeth and welcome! :D Thank you so much. I've seen some very creative versions of the Beacon Hill which inspired me. I'll keep you updated :D