Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2018

More Bread from Kowalski

Hallöchen everyone.

I am quite late with my updates here! I have been so extremely busy. My goshhhh, I am happy that this phase is over. So let's see what I have done so far.
I accomplished some more bread and cookies for Kowolski's Bakery. It's a Niffler Bread and a Demiguise Cookie. In his bakery there are sadly not so many fantastic beasts realted pieces. A lot are normal bread and roles which is quite boring to craft - at  least for me. So I might not craft his whole bakery ... I am not sure. Maybe just one shelf or display. I quess I decide as I go. I still wanna do a Occamy Bread. That's something I have seen. I quess that's all that's shown in the movie. I am already thinking of creating my own versions of fantastic beasts bakery stuff.

Here is the link for the Niffler Bread:

An here is the link for the Demiguise Cookie:
Wish you all a happy new year!

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