Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

Erumpet Bread from Kowalski's Bakery

Hallöchen everyone!

Once again I watched the movie Fantastic Beasts and my most favorite scene is the last one where Queenie gets back to her beloved Jacob into his new bakery. Everyone is overwhelmed by the strange and new and fantastic creature breads he sells. And since I've watched it the first time I have that idea in my mind to recreate this bakery in miniature. This would be a big project again where I currently cannot effort to put time in it. But I wanna doooooooooooooo! Well, I did a small piece a very very small piece of it.

The erumpet bread! This scene in there where Jacob flees this enchanted huge girl which is head over heels in love and wants to made with Jacob. How she waits in front of the tree like a kid in front of the xmas tree.

here is the tutorial video:
this is the erumpet beast:

 this is a sceenshot from the movie of the Erumpet bread:

and here is what I crafted:

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  1. Hello HM,
    Well done. It looks very good and thank you for the tutorial.
    Big hug