Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Newt Scamanders Suitcase

Hello HoneyBees!

Since I do have a lot of beasts already I needed the proper suitcase, too. My first attempt sadly failed. :( The I needed some time to figure out a better way. A good jogging tour next to a river can be magical :D I gained new energy and a new idea plopped into my mind. I had to try it that instant and, lucky me, it worked!
I used real leather. At least I think it is real leather. My mom get these small pieces from a furniture store where you can choose your final couch design from. When the store doesn't need them anymore you can take them for free. That's enough material for miniatures :D.
I also added as much details as pissible. The case is semi working. The hinges are only decorative, nut the switches are magnetic. The remaining procedure is summed up a short video:

Thank you for sharing your time with me! :*

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