Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

Fwooper - - - The Pink Bird from Fantastic Beasts and wh.....

Hallöchen HoneyBees!

This fantastic Beast comes in all imaginable colors and sing beautifully. BUT! the harmonic sound will drive you insane, make u mad, go crazy and ... I think u got it. Hemce the Wizards hex their pet Froopers to be muted. On the one hand they can't enjoy the wonderfull melodies anymore but they stay alive healthy and can still enjoy the pretty cute creature.

So I also want to enjoy the company of such a cute fellow - in miniature of cause! And in pink - of cause! ;)

Thank u for joining me! Bye-Bye diligend HoneyBees! :*


  1. Hello HoneyM,
    The bird is terrific! I love the feathers and it has such amazing face detail. Well done!
    Big hug