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Hello miniaturists!
I am doning a lot of Fantastic Beasts recently, I know. My big aim is to create a fantastic beasts themed room box. I hope I am not too anoying with my obsession.
Todays it's all about the mooncalf. It has pale grey fur and huge crystal clear eyes. Always starring at the moon. For me it always looks like a baby. It's cuteness overload the whole time.
If you are interested in more details you can also watch this video:
I used some wire to form the base body shape. It doesn't matter which kind of wire you take. It's only supportive and will prevent the baked clay from braking and gives you more stability during crafting.
I attache clay rests to the wire body and start shaping the basic body shape. It doesn't need to be perfect as I will cover it in fur (fake fur of cause) anyway.

Here I have punched some holes into the head to mimic the eyes. I needed them to measure the right eye size.
The eye holes are already closed again. And there in the front you can see the eye lense shape i have crafted which will serve as a pattern to make a mold. This time I decided to make the eyes all by myself. As the eyes of the mooncalf are so stunning ordinary teddy glas eyes would'nt serve it.
After I am satisfied with the basic shape I coverd it with a thin coat of light gray that I have mixed. Also I will cover it with fur it is important to have a similar colored base though no bright colors will shine through the fur.
During all my research I haven't found a picture showing the back of a mooncalf. Though I have no idea if they have a tail or not. My one got a tiny one :)
It's a magical beasts for sure. It has swim webs! No comment on that ;) I would love so see a bunch of them swimming in a lake heads up to the mood :D :D :D :D

Here is the eye mold. I filled it with translucent resin. It is the first time I am working with it. The smell is awful and it takes ages to harden. But the result is stunning: Crystal clear!

I used translucent clay a the base for the iris. The whole eye looks grayish on every picture I have found. The translucent clay never gets realy see through. So I hope it will give the eye some more magical dimension.

Here both pieces are glued together. I am satisfied with the result and have learned a lot!
I had to cut of some backed clay as the surface wasn't flat enough. Now it looks as if we can see its rainbowy brain :D

Is it a frog????
Now I shape the face. I don't know ... it makes me grin ...

Here the ears are already attached. They are very easy to make but hard to explain in words. I take a flat piece of clay and role it. Than I push it into shape and stick them to the head. If you manna see it it's also in the viedo.

The shaping is done! And the painting begins. The webs are  a mixture of red and orange. For the skin I used black. I used vanish paint. So it's already sealed.

Puh! That's the time consuming part. First I cut the fur from the fabric and than add it layer by layer by layer by layer ...
That's a lot of work but totally woth it! Here it still looks like winter fur :D
May I should have kept it that way ;)
I need a hair cut!
Tadaaaaaa! Short hair. I just cutted it with very small crafting scissors.
What a mess. To dye the fur I used dry black pigments and sealed it with hairspray. That black stuff is a nasty fellow. These small pigments are easily blown away and stick to everything. It's always a surprise to find it days after somewhere.
"Where is the moon?"

Thanks for reading! Bye!

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