Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

Erumpet Bread from Kowalski's Bakery

Hallöchen everyone!

Once again I watched the movie Fantastic Beasts and my most favorite scene is the last one where Queenie gets back to her beloved Jacob into his new bakery. Everyone is overwhelmed by the strange and new and fantastic creature breads he sells. And since I've watched it the first time I have that idea in my mind to recreate this bakery in miniature. This would be a big project again where I currently cannot effort to put time in it. But I wanna doooooooooooooo! Well, I did a small piece a very very small piece of it.

The erumpet bread! This scene in there where Jacob flees this enchanted huge girl which is head over heels in love and wants to made with Jacob. How she waits in front of the tree like a kid in front of the xmas tree.

here is the tutorial video:
this is the erumpet beast:

 this is a sceenshot from the movie of the Erumpet bread:

and here is what I crafted:

Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017

Jack o' Lantern

Hi everyone,

In Germany Helloween just starts to get established ans it slowly makes its way over the ocean. So I was in the right mood to join it and crafted three miniature Jack o' lanterns. Without the carved faces the procedure of making them canalso be applyed to create normal punkpins for a dollhouse scenery without the helloween theme.

Here is the tutorial video:

I started with one punkpin.

But i couldn't stop.

And this is a comparison picture to a jack o' lantern I did 8 years ago. It already looked creepy enough for helloween but the current ones are more realistic to me.

Thank you for beeing here :*

Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

MURTLAP from Fantastic Beasts an where to find them

Hallöchen HoneyBees,

I know I am doing a lot of beasts and fantastic beasts related. That's just my mood now and I don't wanna restrict my hobbies. I hope not to bore or annoy you with all of that. Though, here comes my tiny version of the nasty Murtlap ;) I think he's not nasty, just behaved like that in the movie. I guess the Murtlap was scared and defended itself.
 Here is the video on youtube to watch the crafting:
All the other things in the fotos are also handmade. If you like you can find videos of all of them on this blog or on youtube. It's New Scamander's Case, Newt Scamanders Wand (I actually made the whole wand collection from Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.) and the cute Occamy Baby with its silver eggshell. There is a whole video only about the Occamy Babies and how i made their nest as well. I hope you enjoy all of them :*

Thank you for beeing with me :*

Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Newt Scamanders Suitcase

Hello HoneyBees!

Since I do have a lot of beasts already I needed the proper suitcase, too. My first attempt sadly failed. :( The I needed some time to figure out a better way. A good jogging tour next to a river can be magical :D I gained new energy and a new idea plopped into my mind. I had to try it that instant and, lucky me, it worked!
I used real leather. At least I think it is real leather. My mom get these small pieces from a furniture store where you can choose your final couch design from. When the store doesn't need them anymore you can take them for free. That's enough material for miniatures :D.
I also added as much details as pissible. The case is semi working. The hinges are only decorative, nut the switches are magnetic. The remaining procedure is summed up a short video:

Thank you for sharing your time with me! :*

Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

Occamy Baby Nest - Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Hello diligent HoneyBees!

It's time for another Fantastic Beasts Miniature. And it's not only one. I made 4 little creatures and a nest for them. It's the Occamy babies! They are so cute <3 <3 <3
Watch out if there's a bug on your shoulder ;)
My ones are very very nice to me, they did not grow to fit available space in my apartment. I really appreciate that! Still, I am not so sure if they would actually let me pet them or take of the silver egg remains to give them a little more comfy space. Shall I try?

the making off video:

some detaile pictures:

Thank you for spending time with me! :*

Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

Fwooper - - - The Pink Bird from Fantastic Beasts and wh.....

Hallöchen HoneyBees!

This fantastic Beast comes in all imaginable colors and sing beautifully. BUT! the harmonic sound will drive you insane, make u mad, go crazy and ... I think u got it. Hemce the Wizards hex their pet Froopers to be muted. On the one hand they can't enjoy the wonderfull melodies anymore but they stay alive healthy and can still enjoy the pretty cute creature.

So I also want to enjoy the company of such a cute fellow - in miniature of cause! And in pink - of cause! ;)

Thank u for joining me! Bye-Bye diligend HoneyBees! :*

Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Niffler Pattern for the Tutorial

Hello HoneyBees,

I have been asked if I could give you the sewing pattern for the Niffler I made. So I took the rough sketches I made for the video and putted them onto two DIN A4 paper sheets (German standard: 21cm x 29,7cm). Have fun with it diligend HoneyBees :*

Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

Mrs Potts and Chip


I am sorry Iforgot to take pictures in between. So today I only have the video and pictures from the final result. I am soooo sorry! :(
I hope ypu enjoy it anyway.

And here are Mrs Potts (Madam le Pottine) and Chip (Tassilo):

Both are made of polymer clay. I mixed white and translucent clay 1:1. I sculptured them in stages. Always baking them inbetween an adding another detail. The lid of the pot cannot be removed. I painted the details with golden and light blue vanish.


Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017


Hello miniaturists!
I am doning a lot of Fantastic Beasts recently, I know. My big aim is to create a fantastic beasts themed room box. I hope I am not too anoying with my obsession.
Todays it's all about the mooncalf. It has pale grey fur and huge crystal clear eyes. Always starring at the moon. For me it always looks like a baby. It's cuteness overload the whole time.
If you are interested in more details you can also watch this video:
I used some wire to form the base body shape. It doesn't matter which kind of wire you take. It's only supportive and will prevent the baked clay from braking and gives you more stability during crafting.
I attache clay rests to the wire body and start shaping the basic body shape. It doesn't need to be perfect as I will cover it in fur (fake fur of cause) anyway.

Here I have punched some holes into the head to mimic the eyes. I needed them to measure the right eye size.
The eye holes are already closed again. And there in the front you can see the eye lense shape i have crafted which will serve as a pattern to make a mold. This time I decided to make the eyes all by myself. As the eyes of the mooncalf are so stunning ordinary teddy glas eyes would'nt serve it.
After I am satisfied with the basic shape I coverd it with a thin coat of light gray that I have mixed. Also I will cover it with fur it is important to have a similar colored base though no bright colors will shine through the fur.
During all my research I haven't found a picture showing the back of a mooncalf. Though I have no idea if they have a tail or not. My one got a tiny one :)
It's a magical beasts for sure. It has swim webs! No comment on that ;) I would love so see a bunch of them swimming in a lake heads up to the mood :D :D :D :D

Here is the eye mold. I filled it with translucent resin. It is the first time I am working with it. The smell is awful and it takes ages to harden. But the result is stunning: Crystal clear!

I used translucent clay a the base for the iris. The whole eye looks grayish on every picture I have found. The translucent clay never gets realy see through. So I hope it will give the eye some more magical dimension.

Here both pieces are glued together. I am satisfied with the result and have learned a lot!
I had to cut of some backed clay as the surface wasn't flat enough. Now it looks as if we can see its rainbowy brain :D

Is it a frog????
Now I shape the face. I don't know ... it makes me grin ...

Here the ears are already attached. They are very easy to make but hard to explain in words. I take a flat piece of clay and role it. Than I push it into shape and stick them to the head. If you manna see it it's also in the viedo.

The shaping is done! And the painting begins. The webs are  a mixture of red and orange. For the skin I used black. I used vanish paint. So it's already sealed.

Puh! That's the time consuming part. First I cut the fur from the fabric and than add it layer by layer by layer by layer ...
That's a lot of work but totally woth it! Here it still looks like winter fur :D
May I should have kept it that way ;)
I need a hair cut!
Tadaaaaaa! Short hair. I just cutted it with very small crafting scissors.
What a mess. To dye the fur I used dry black pigments and sealed it with hairspray. That black stuff is a nasty fellow. These small pigments are easily blown away and stick to everything. It's always a surprise to find it days after somewhere.
"Where is the moon?"

Thanks for reading! Bye!