Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

Victorian X-Mas Room Box

Hallöchen everyone!

It's X-Mas time and I am up to new ideas and full of motivation to craft. So here is one of my recent projects: A Victorian like X-Mas Room Box. I love X-Mas, but I don't really like decorating my own apartment. It's too much work for me - I am so lazy ... But doing it in miniature somehow makes me think of less effort (???) It's an illlusion, but it makes me happy. So let's start with a simple room box. I brought a wind candle stand / box made of unfinished wood and glass panes on all 4 sides. It was very cheap so I end up buying 2 of them. So one is still waiting in my basement. One costs 7 Euro and I brought in KIK.

This is the candle box. It comes without the candles, of cause. I added them just to make it more clear and look nicer. All glass panes are removable. And so I did. Exept the front pane. The remaining 3 glasses I will keep for other room boxes, for future work.

 This is a mockup. The wainscotting is made of simple cardboard. The wallpaper and the tree are from dollhouse supplys.

This is the flooring. It's from MiniMundus and it's made of wood that is already glued on an kind of paper-fabric-mix sheet. So it's nice felxible and cuttable. I stainded it and waxed it.
Thats the basic room box. The tree looks awful - but the X-Mas stuff is still to come.

I uploaded a video on youtube for the "making of". There you can see every single step and which products I used. I hope you enjoy it.


Now let's go on and crat the interior. Victorians love they family and covered the walls with pictures of them. The rich families had oil paintings and the middle class photographies. For the pictures I forgot to take pictures. So I can only how a short video of it. It's so sad, but at least I did not forget to film it.


I had to change the tree. It looked so extremely manufactured and misshaped. First I took of the clumpsy bright green stand and made a new one out of polymere clay and painted it black with a top coat of bronze. 

I also crafted a little table and some shelfs. The shelfs are quite easy. They are made of a trim strtp. The table is a unfinished dollhouse supply which I customize.

The ceiling and the top of the box are removable. So I am still able to add and remove the front glass pane. And a lot of brass ornaments on the outside. I hope it gives it an antique feeling.

And here is the video for all steps in detail. How I made he table, the tree stand, the top of the box, the ceiling, the brassy ornaments on the outside and so on. Enjoy!
That's a very long post. But I enjpyed the miniature making again and Ihope I will come up with more and keep my entusiasm for ever! I also have other ideas in mind that are not only miniatures. I hope you will also enjoy them. I would love to know you feedback. Do you more enjoy the pictures or the videos? Or even both?
Have a nice XMas time and see you soon! Bye-Bye :*


  1. Me he enamorado de su caja Victoriana,como se accede a ella levantando la tapa me encanta;
    estoy impaciente en verla llena. Felices fiestas:-)

  2. This Victorian box is simply gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Drora