Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

X-MAS in Miniature


Here is the Tutorial for the whole X-Mas decoration. There I discribe the how-to and what material I use and how I do everything.

Now there are some close ups. ENJOY :D

The toys I brought at the X-Mas market. The rest I have done on my own.
 Mistle toe :D Made of wre covered with wood glue and painted with acrylic paint.The white fruits are micro marbles from the nail art aupplys and white paint. Whatch the video I linked at the start of this post to see how it's done :D

the left side of the room.

 This is my favourite picture of all.

The bow is behind the XMAS tree  attached to the back wall of the room box.

 The ginger bread house I have done last year. It's completely made of polymere clay - nothing else.
 These figures are also from the XMAS market.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and I wish you all a very merry X-MAS!

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

Victorian X-Mas Room Box

Hallöchen everyone!

It's X-Mas time and I am up to new ideas and full of motivation to craft. So here is one of my recent projects: A Victorian like X-Mas Room Box. I love X-Mas, but I don't really like decorating my own apartment. It's too much work for me - I am so lazy ... But doing it in miniature somehow makes me think of less effort (???) It's an illlusion, but it makes me happy. So let's start with a simple room box. I brought a wind candle stand / box made of unfinished wood and glass panes on all 4 sides. It was very cheap so I end up buying 2 of them. So one is still waiting in my basement. One costs 7 Euro and I brought in KIK.

This is the candle box. It comes without the candles, of cause. I added them just to make it more clear and look nicer. All glass panes are removable. And so I did. Exept the front pane. The remaining 3 glasses I will keep for other room boxes, for future work.

 This is a mockup. The wainscotting is made of simple cardboard. The wallpaper and the tree are from dollhouse supplys.

This is the flooring. It's from MiniMundus and it's made of wood that is already glued on an kind of paper-fabric-mix sheet. So it's nice felxible and cuttable. I stainded it and waxed it.
Thats the basic room box. The tree looks awful - but the X-Mas stuff is still to come.

I uploaded a video on youtube for the "making of". There you can see every single step and which products I used. I hope you enjoy it.


Now let's go on and crat the interior. Victorians love they family and covered the walls with pictures of them. The rich families had oil paintings and the middle class photographies. For the pictures I forgot to take pictures. So I can only how a short video of it. It's so sad, but at least I did not forget to film it.


I had to change the tree. It looked so extremely manufactured and misshaped. First I took of the clumpsy bright green stand and made a new one out of polymere clay and painted it black with a top coat of bronze. 

I also crafted a little table and some shelfs. The shelfs are quite easy. They are made of a trim strtp. The table is a unfinished dollhouse supply which I customize.

The ceiling and the top of the box are removable. So I am still able to add and remove the front glass pane. And a lot of brass ornaments on the outside. I hope it gives it an antique feeling.

And here is the video for all steps in detail. How I made he table, the tree stand, the top of the box, the ceiling, the brassy ornaments on the outside and so on. Enjoy!
That's a very long post. But I enjpyed the miniature making again and Ihope I will come up with more and keep my entusiasm for ever! I also have other ideas in mind that are not only miniatures. I hope you will also enjoy them. I would love to know you feedback. Do you more enjoy the pictures or the videos? Or even both?
Have a nice XMas time and see you soon! Bye-Bye :*

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

Don't look back ... a New Beginning

Hallöchen everyone, 
It’s been a while since I have posted here. And I missed it, but also I couldn't make myself continuing with that huge project house I started with. Every time I saw it all the things that I want (and >have<) to do and all the unfinished things.... it always reminded me of undone and made me feel guilty. Over time the feelings turned into are annoyed and angry. So I made a decision. It wasn't easy but I destroyed the house. I only kept some drawings from the surface of the house the one room that was almost finished. I sawed it off the house and finished it. I felt so much released and free after I had done this. I made my peace with that and had new fresh ideas. I learned my lesson. I won't start such a huge project ever again. Now I focus on smaller rooms which I can finish in reasonable time. I hope you all can forgive me for being silent sooooooo long and I hope you enjoy the new beginning as much as I do. 
Today I will show you the remains of my big huge house - the Confectionary

I built a new box surrounding the room and added a removable front PVC window. The electricity is not jet working. Loose cables are dangling at the back of it. I am afraid of the electronics things. I have no clue how all of this works. But I will and want to face it and want to learn how to build electricity into my projects. If someone can give me an advice how to do it - or a link - that would be incredible lovely!
This is the room box standing on a board in my living room. On top the room box I placed a lot of family pictures in nice old looking frames.

 The right site of the box. For this and the next shots I removed the plastic window for a better view without light reflexions.

On top of the chimney board.

The box stands on four beautiful old lookking lion paws I brought on eBay.

A look inside. From the right wall to the left.

 This is the middle section - Why is the cake on the floor? I have no idea why I did that!?!

And the left side.

Thank you very much for your attention and wellcome back! :-*