Montag, 8. September 2014

New Shelf for my Sweets

I filled the shelf with some handmade sweets. Just to get a first impression. I could not wait to do so. Also I know that I have to take it out again to continue crafting.

Unfortunately the display I usually wanted to place in was much too big. It did not look right to me. So I decided to look for something else. I found this blanc shelf. With PVC glas on the front and sides, but not on the back.
I wanted to have a open shelf, because it would stand infront of a wall and cakes should be placed in and easily beeing taken out by the waiters. So I dissembled it to reassemble it turned front to back. Finally I made a wooden "crown" to have the same style as the other furnitures.
 I started to stain it nut brown. That is the first tapping.
 I repeated it twice.
 Painted some white and finished it with gloss varnish.

I also worked on the fireplace. I added some wooden ornaments above. Something  is still missing. I quess I will palce a oil picture in the middle. Some landscape maybe. Let's see what kind of muse I find and what I will paint. Till now I have no concrete idea. The sireplace's inside is still unfinished. I want to add some wood and such a red flicker light. Also it looks quite used already.