Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

My first Chimney made of Wood

I had to do something else. Always working on the outside of the house is getting boring. So for in between I worked on a chimney. It is my first one.

I assembled the chimney out of different wood pieces, taped them together and did a little fitting test in the room that is supposed to become a confectionery.
Here it is glued. The top piece I had to carve to round the edges. I've never done carving before. I love it! I really do. If you do have the right sort of wood, it's a real pleasure to shape it. I quess in future times I am going to do more wood work.
Out of my enthusiasm I tried a tiny blossom.
And it worked out!
I wanted more ;)
And that's it unvarnished.
Stained walnuts. Like the rest of the furnitures for this room. the furnitures I have done a long time ago. I guess it was in 2010. I brought some unfinished very cheap furnitures from Euro Minis. That doesn't exist anymore. And well, I pimped them a bit. ;)


  1. Hello Honey,
    Great work. The fireplace looks rich and beautiful.
    Big hug,

  2. Thank you Giac, you are always so sweet :*