Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

First Windows and the Entrance Door

I've started to paint the Windows and the Entrance Door to the private part of the dollhouse. I wanted it to look like stone and hope I could make it.

I realy love the first picture. For me it's like a piece of art.

Ornaments are still missing. This is going to be the next step - but first the remaining windows have to be painted.

Die Türen und Fenster am Haus versuche ich wie verwitterten Sandstein aussehen zu lassen. Ich hoffe so sehr, dass es geklappt hat. Auf jeden Fall gefällt mir das Ergebnis und ich werde die restlichen Fenster und Türen nun auch so bemalen.

Das erste ist mein Lieblingsbild. Sieht schon ein wenig wie Kunst aus.

Es fehlt noch der Stuck, aber der kommt erst später.


  1. I really liked the finish of the doors and windows!

  2. Guten Abend, entschuldigen aber Mein Deutch ist nicht so gut, so I'm gonna say it in English;The design of your house is fabulous. I've been to Germany quite often and this type of architecture is not unknown to me, just love that this local style is your choice for your large house. It will be a wonderful journey for you to finish it. I 'm really impressed with the stone finish you've done on all the door frames and windows. And so is the rest of the facade, the stonework and all other detailing looks really promising!

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments.

    Dear Debora,
    well done! My English is not also the best,but I try my best. Thus everyone can understand what I am saying. I hope there are not so many mistakes ;).
    I love the old german look of houses with all the rich stucco and sandstone. I am impressed by the houses of the rich. So I am building my own :).
    Your blog is so amazing! Great! I am realy astonished by your skills. i can't wait to try it myselfe. But one step afte the other. I am looking foreward to see all your artwork.